Ionized Alkaline Kangen Water For Health & Body Balance

Most people develop habits over a lifetime of learning from their families and loved ones. We learn from a very early age how to gain approval or, alternatively, how to upset people.

We are conditioned virtually from the moment that we come out of the womb of what is correct and we learn very quickly.

Acid Reflux

Unfortunately for many people in the 21st Century, many of our inherited eating habits were copied from our parents and  are just not healthy.

Most foods people eat meat and fish for example are acidic and over time lead to a multitude  of diseases.

Until I discovered Alkaline water I too, was living in ignorance, not just that the food I was eating was unhealthy, but more importantly, that I thought that tap water and bottled water were just fine to drink.

How wrong I was!

The bottled water industry, which is unregulated, has a bad reputation simply because, more often than not, bottled water comes from the tap!

In addition, because of the dangerous BPA chemicals and estrogen that leak into the water, NO water can be safe coming from a plastic bottle.

When people become sick they often grieve over why they became sick.

Being sick is not a test or a punishment imposed by God. In most cases it is also not preordained by genetics.

Virtually every single sickness in the world is the result of each persons habits they have accumulated over time, in particular DIET!

Acidic to Alkaline

Just two years ago I was unaware that diet is so important in our lives but fortunately, I realized in time to make the change, before illness could strike.

As a matter of fact it was n´t until I bought a Kangen machine and started to drink healthy hydrogenated alkaline water and notice the benefits, that I started some research into this hugely misunderstood subject.

In the past it was thought that illness was and should be, cured only by doctors and medication.

Patients were passive and simple took the doctors instructions and medication prescribed for them. However, now we are living in an era where everyone must take responsibility for their own health and preventative cures are hugely more attractive.

These days people are more aware of  “Bigpharma“ as being a murderous organisation that kills innocent Holistic Doctors and that has no desire to cure you with their pharmaceuticals, for if they cured you they would lose a customer!

Nowadays, it seems people are aware to the fact that medication can never completely cure a person of any illness, but it is ´´Bigpharma´´ that is intent on selling us endless supplies of useless pharmaceutical medicines purely for their own profit.

The fact is, that the human body has the power to cure itself and through selective diet, exercise and rest, everyone can enjoy perfect health.

By eating the correct alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water, one can regulate the acidity in the body which is invariably caused through the wrong type diet and the wrong acidic type of drinks.

Through alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water, you will enable your body to return to perfect balance of health.

You may notice that you have more energy, that you sleep better and that every single bodily function is working better.

Although these are my own experiences  after drinking Kangen water, I know it  has actually helped thousands of people  world-wide, return to perfect health over the 43 years they a have been in business.

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