Why Are Kangen Ionizer Machines So Expensive?


In light of a recent article Consumer Reports- ”Why Are Kangen Water Ionizer Machines So Expensive?”   regarding the prices of Kangen Water Ionizers I feel I have to right this article.

The comments in this article come across as naive and erroneous on numerous accounts.

Some people seem to be confused about the business model that Kangen water follow, and there have been some erroneous reports about multi level marketing.

Just to set the record straight for those confused people, the business that Kangen water are in is known as ”direct marketing” and has nothing to do with multilevel marketing.

Yes, of course  Kangen machines are more expensive than those of the competition, but I see this as a result of  superior quality of both  components and workmanship by Enagic.

Infact, all machines are handmade and most are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

The company has a successful brand and  business, billing over $100 million a year and above all they have a loyal network of global distributors who love the product and the brand.

The business model Enagic use is”Direct Marketing;  there is no middle man to pay as in shops or supermarkets  because the products are sold only through a licensed network of global distributors.

Very simply,to become a licensed sales agent one simply has to buy a Kangen machine.

As a company Enagic pay out 74% of revenues as sales commissions, but I believe  if someone has a problem with this, they simply don’t understand the business model.

Are successful distributors going to complain that they are being paid to much? Unlikely, I think.

In the 21st Century, I feel people have the right to chose which company they want to deal with and as a seasoned sales executive I am aware that price rarely comes into play with these kind of decisions.

Its more about quality, strength of brand, perceived value and corporate integrity.

However, if someone feels for any reason  that the Kangen machines do not represent good value for money, they are always free to go buy a Chinese made water  filter that may not filter the water correctly  and will probably  be broken within 6 months.

There is an old saying ”Pay the price or buy it twice”, enough said.

As usual, in business you can´t please all the people all the time!

Of course because of the volume of business being done there are always going to be

returns and one or two problems.



To clear the air, I have included a short video here that explains the company culture, history and most important of all, the compensation plan.

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Personally, I purchased a Kangen machine two years ago and am extremely pleased with both the product, the water it produces and the administration the corporation provide.

This article seems to be a ”cheap shot” directed at the market leader,which I believe will not get much attention as it is clearly written by the competition.

As an old beer commercial used to brag in the eighties ”our product is reassuringly expensive”.

In sales generally, if you have to make up  negative stories about the competition to sell your product, then you are doomed to fail. I believe if your own product does not have enough benefits of its own merit,  then you are working for the wrong company.

Of course I am aware that the original article will have attracted some attention and free advertising and even fresh business for the competition, but in the 21st Century with modern digital communications, you cannot fool people for long.

For Enagic to have survived the test of time, they have had to build their reputation from scratch, starting 43 years ago.

The  brand has been built based on quality of products used in production, reliability of the entire product range and also the integrity of the only company in the direct sales business that pays commissions out the day after the client pays for the machine.

This may seem like a small detail,but having worked for one or two other direct marketing companies, I am aware that some  are notoriously bad payers.

Enagic  have established their reputation as the world leader in water filtration,and supply water filters to some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

I personally love Kangen water and my  health has certainly  bloomed since I started drinking the stuff!

I have more energy, I sleep better, I no longer suffer from a variety of allergies or painful migrain headaches that I used to suffer from.  I am a better lover, a better athlete, I no longer suffer from hangovers and I am generally much more health oriented.

If you are looking for a reliable water ionizer that will help you stay in top physical shape over the long term or, a business opportunity with an established company  that will pay you every week like clockwork, then please click here


Kangen sd501 Plat









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