Kangen Water Benefits


Virtually everything we eat is acidic to our bodies providing a fertile growth bed for all diseases.

Enagic have been making the Kangen water filters now for 43 years and they have established themselves as the ´´Gold standard´´ and market leader in the global water filtration business.

There are in total only 7 types of Kangen machines to choose from, 6 of them are kitchen based water filters and the other is a shower unit that removes chemicals from your shower water.

Anespa is the Kangen shower unit that fits on to any bathroom tap fitting and enables showering in healthy filtered Kangen water. As the skin is the largest organ on the body this is imperative for long term health.

The Kangen machines  sit on your kitchen work top filtering your tap water by removing fluoride, chlorine and other nasty chemicals. The machines also charge the water with active hydrogen by running it over medical grade titanium plates, making the water extremely healthy and  beneficial for the human body.

 The machines convert your tap water into delicious healthy hydrogenated alkaline water, which balances acidity in your body, returning you to perfect health.

The SD 501 which is the flagship Kangen model makes 5 different kinds of water which include:


Strong Acidic water pH 2.7 or lower for protein based cleaning
This water has strong disinfecting properties. Use strong acid water for disinfecting kitchen utensils, countertops etc.. to keep safe and clean.
Eco-friendly cleaning, means you will never need to purchase bleach or strong industrial cleaners again.


Beauty water  pH 4.0~6.5 

This slightly acidic water is recognised for its astringent effects. 

Its terrific to use for gentle facial cleaning, moisterizing, toner etc…  and beauty care.

Clean/Neutral water pH 7
Free of chlorine,rust and cloudiness.

Neutral water is delicious drinking water but is also used for  taking medication and for baby food.

Kangen water pH 8.5~9.5  

With a pH of 8.5~9.5, this type of water is perfect for drinking and cooking. It works to restore a more alkaline state  body which optimises health.
Strong Kangen water pH 11.5 or higher for oil based cleaning
Strong Kangen water maintains hygiene in your life due to its strong cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits.

The agricultural industry often sprays fruit and vegetables with pesticides to protect the crops from insect infestations. Most of these pesticides are oil based, to prevent rain and crop watering from  washing these toxic chemicals away.

To increase shelf life, many fruits and vegetables are sprayed with edible wax,  Strong Kangen water removes both the oil based insecticides and the wax.

This water emulsifies with oil on contact and is used for washing fruit and vegetable cleaning, stain removal and dishes.
Many people but expensive organic vegetables but then ruin them by washing them in chlorine full tap water. This water enables you to remove wax, chemicals etc… from your fruit and vegetables before cooking or consumption.


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